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Stephen Schmidt

I'm a storyteller.

My biggest passion is to write. I have written for newspapers, magazines and websites -- both in editorial, marketing and PR roles.

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The Green Apple

The Green Apple: Sporting a greener shade

Thanks to the efforts of the Natural Resources Defense Council, sports at the highest levels across the country are donning a deeper shade of green than they ever have before -- and are leaving quite the impressions on their surrounding communities as a result.

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The Green Apple

Green Apple Profile: NLR

For whatever reason, the light bulb will not go off in the collective conscience of most American businesses when it comes to complying with the Universal Waste Rule.

The Northwest Arkansas Times

Words without sounds: Missouri church not afraid to share its message on Dickson Street

They stand in silence. No spoken words are needed. The signs do all the talking for them, grabbing and holding the eyes of passers-by on Fayetteville’s famed Dickson Street if only for a minute.



“Immortality IS SIN”


Anyone who has ever paraded down the street from 9 p.m. and later on a Friday night has probably walked by the collection of portable biblical billboards. Some patrons scoff. Some debate or throw words like spit balls. Others simply choose to ignore.

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The Green Apple

The Green Apple: Design for thought

A look at the BMW Guggenheim Lab that took root in Manhattan during the late summer of 2011.

761 kansas trophy case at phog allen fieldhouse article

Phog Allen Fieldhouse Reviews, Kansas Jayhawks | Stadium Journey

Phog Allen Fieldhouse Reviews, Kansas Jayhawks | St...

Westport News

Onward and Upwards: Staples grad brings home feature film

A profile piece on an up-and-coming filmmaker from Fairfield Count, Conn., named Daryl Wein.

Muskogee Phoenix

A (wo)man among boys

A feature story about a girl who high school baseball. It won a state AP award in Okla. for feature writing.

The Northwest Arkansas Times

A time to heal: Fayetteville woman fights through lightning strike, resulting brain injury

Imagine a giant puzzle, one that took 37 years to complete. Now picture that puzzle struck by a lightning bolt, the pieces scattered and singed within a flash.

Welcome to the life of Debbie Whicker.

She did not suffer a direct lightning strike nine-and-a-half years ago. If she did, chances are she would not be able today to tell her survival story, a tale of a woman who, through the help of physicians, family and her own will power has managed to put most of the pieces back in place.

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The Green Apple

The Green Apple: Returning to (wet) roots

If the Lower East Side Ecology Center gets its wish, a piece of East River Park will be returning to a simpler time -- with all of Lower Manhattan standing to benefit.

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The Green Apple

The Green Apple: Room with a View

Less is more. That was the thinking behind the renovation of the Cherry Hill Concourse in Central Park, where a ribbon cutting ceremony was recently held to signify a simpler -- and greener -- approach that should keep most visitors’ eyes focused on the vistas of the surrounding lake.

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The Green Apple

The Green Apple: All Aboard Yonkers Science Barge

While talking about the latest news concerning the Science Barge, Bob Walters’ thoughts were temporarily interrupted by a question.

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The Green Apple

The Green Apple: In honor of Earth Day

When it comes to all things Earth Day, it’s safe to call Pamela Lippe an expert on the subject.

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The Green Apple

Green Apple Profile: We Recycle!

So you have an old laptop that has essentially become a giant paperweight as you’ve moved onto a sleeker model. Such a device contains a.) many components that are hazardous to the environment (batteries, mercury lamps, etc.) and b.) personal information that could be revealed if in the wrong hands. So what do you do with it?

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The Green Apple

Green Apple Profile: Materials for the Arts

As the saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Or drama production. Or art therapy session.

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The Green Apple

A recap: Green City Challenge

Maybe it was the fact that he was only competitor from last year's inaugural event. Maybe it was the addition of a new teammate. Whatever the reason, Kyle Bullen won the second running of the Green City Challenge in Manhattan last Sunday (Oct. 23) alongside his teammate, Benay Vynerib.