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My biggest passion is to write. I have written for newspapers, magazines and websites -- both in editorial, marketing and PR roles.

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Deanslide 920x609 article

A Man for All Seasons

Everyone knows about the smiley face. It is part of the brand of Vice Chancellor and Dean Tom Payne. Looking at all of the related memorabilia in his office, one can see how the symbol has become synonymous with his infectious optimism and enthusiasm he has used over the past 18 years to help guide the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources through good times and bad.

Biochem01 920x609 article

The Trace Elements of Longevity

What is the secret to maintaining the mental and intellectual fortitude to conduct experiments at age 99? The story of Boyd O’Dell, professor emeritus of Biochemistry, may lend some answers to that question, as the man of the hour prepares to celebrate his 100th birthday.

Sandycake2 450x338 article

Honoring 'Mama Sandy'

“Smile because you never know whose day you might make.”
The preceding quote is a favorite saying of the mother of Sandy Zaring, one she heard often while growing up in Centralia, Missouri. It’s one of the first things that comes to the mind of Sandy’s youngest sister, Yvetta Hamilton, when she reflects on her sister who worked as an administrative assistant in the Agricultural Systems Management department for 24 years before passing away in late February of 2015 with Stage 4 lung cancer.

Natecompton kannan19 450x298 article

Open to Business

Pick a scribble, any scribble. Raghuraman Kannan offers you a choice: Point at any sketch on the two dry erase boards in his office — both rife with numbers, letters, arrows and other scribbles — and he will tell you exactly which project it is affiliated with out of the 18 or so currently on his plate.

Wheelchair bball 11 450x321 article

From a Different Angle

They had all played the game of basketball to varying degrees before — but never like this. As sunshine peaked through the windows of the MU Student Recreation Complex on a sunny September afternoon, the students and professor of the Sport Management Freshman Interest Group from South Hall had gathered at Court No. 7 to see one of the world’s most popular sports in a new light.

Rodney fridah 449x643 article

A Circle of Giving

To Fridah Mubichi, the church missionaries who would frequent her hometown of Meru, Kenya, were just people passing through town. She didn’t know their names or their stories — not until she had lunch with Rodney Fink, that is.

Determined look 353x450 article

Reaching the Summit

While on his phone in early August in Los Angeles, Tyron Woodley was still basking in the glow of his recent accomplishment — just as much as the Southern California sunshine. “It definitely has not worn off,” Woodley says. “I’m still in a state of shock.”

Mark closeup 920x1038 article

Sounding Out

To some, the sound of extreme metal music might come across like a cacophony of distortion and inaudible guttural vocals. To the ears of Mark Kloeppel, though, it’s a symphony in which he can hear each instrument and discern every throaty lyric.

Glasses 03 450x298 article

The Power of Hope

Unfortunately. Hopefully. The two adverbs have become the close companions of a scholar who arrived on the University of Missouri campus in January. They have become two main anchors in his vocabulary when beginning to tell a story that most United States citizens could not begin to comprehend.

Classroom selfie edited 920x690 article

Answering the Call

The world of Holly Enowski has always moved fast and on schedule. Before coming into her freshmen year at the University of Missouri this fall, Enowski engaged in several activities during her time as a student at Eldon (Missouri) High School and with other organizations such as the FFA.

Registration 920x626 article

A Day at The World Food Prize

Norman Borlaug — a renowned agronomist, wheat geneticist and humanitarian — founded The World Food Prize in 1986 as a way to recognize the accomplishments of people throughout the world who have bettered mankind by increasing the quantity, quality and availability of food throughout the world.

Open uri20130411 4352 1sgcojn article
The Green Apple

The Green Apple: Sporting a greener shade

Thanks to the efforts of the Natural Resources Defense Council, sports at the highest levels across the country are donning a deeper shade of green than they ever have before -- and are leaving quite the impressions on their surrounding communities as a result.

6a00e555030a2c88340168e680b3b9970c 800wi article
The Green Apple

Green Apple Profile: NLR

For whatever reason, the light bulb will not go off in the collective conscience of most American businesses when it comes to complying with the Universal Waste Rule.

The Northwest Arkansas Times

Words without sounds: Missouri church not afraid to share its message on Dickson Street

They stand in silence. No spoken words are needed. The signs do all the talking for them, grabbing and holding the eyes of passers-by on Fayetteville’s famed Dickson Street if only for a minute.



“Immortality IS SIN”


Anyone who has ever paraded down the street from 9 p.m. and later on a Friday night has probably walked by the collection of portable biblical billboards. Some patrons scoff. Some debate or throw words like spit balls. Others simply choose to ignore.

Open uri20130411 1868 e6c73m article
The Green Apple

The Green Apple: Design for thought

A look at the BMW Guggenheim Lab that took root in Manhattan during the late summer of 2011.